June 20, 2024

Discovering the Lavender Fields in Cobusca Nouă

This is a short post about an underrated destination in Eastern Europe that many tourists often overlook. While Provence in France is famous for its lavender fields, Moldova offers a similar, less touristy, and more affordable experience with its beautiful lavender and sunflower fields, along with amazing local wines.

Why Choose Moldova?

If you’ve been considering a trip to France for the lavender fields and wines, Moldova is an excellent alternative. This destination can be part of a broader Eastern European tour including Poland, Romania, Ukraine, and Moldova. My friend Vera and I decided to explore Cobusca Nouă, a charming location near Anenii Noi, just 35 km from the capital city, Chișinău. While Moldova has much more to offer, we planned to leave additional exploration for a future trip during the grape harvesting season in autumn.

Planning Your Visit

How to Get to the Lavender Fields

  • Fly: Arrive at Chișinău, the capital city of Moldova.
  • Rent a Car: You can rent a car from any international car rental company and drive to Cobusca Nouă. The roads are generally in good condition.
  • Take a Taxi: It’s a 35-kilometer trip from the city. You can negotiate with the driver to wait for you.
  • Take a Bus: Several buses go from the North bus station or you can take a shuttle bus to Anenii Noi.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the lavender fields in Cobusca Nouă is during the third week of June when the lavender is in full bloom.

Accommodation and Dining

Where to Stay

  • Anenii Noi: If you decide to spend the night, the only hotel in the area is called Korona.
  • Chișinău: There are many more accommodation options available in the capital city.
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Where to Eat

Anenii Noi is a small town, but we found “Bar Maxim” to have good food. They also serve the traditional dish, Mamalyga.

Experience the Lavender Fields

Entrance to the lavender fields costs 50 Lei per person. Vera and I enjoyed a delightful picnic in the middle of the fields, reminiscent of a French summer experience. We bought local Rosé Brut champagne, fruits, cheese, and baguettes from a local supermarket to complete our perfect day out.


If you’re planning a trip around Eastern Europe, make sure to include the lavender fields of Cobusca Nouă in your itinerary. This beautiful and less touristy destination offers stunning views, delicious local wines, and a glimpse into Moldovan culture.

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